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sreda, 20 januarja, 2021

New, decisive measures to slow down and curb the epidemic have been taken: All non-essential services are closed and restricted until cancellation!

“Slovenia is closing and limiting all non-essential services until further notice. The measures shall enter into force as soon as possible or as soon as the competent ministries will technically prepare and publish the regulations. We ask everyone to understand and respect the measures,” prime minister Janez Jansa said after today’s crisis staff meeting via Twitter.

Today, the government of Janez Jansa has already taken the first harsh measures at a crisis headquarters meeting to control the new coronavirus epidemic. Therefore, the public passenger transport will be suspended on Monday and controls on the implementation of preventive measures in stores will also be initiated. The ban on the operation of pubs is also expected.

The new defense minister, Matej Tonin, said after the session that they had taken new measures to curb public life, “especially with regard to pubs and public transport”. Bus and rail public passenger transport will be suspended on Monday. It will stop completely on the night between Sunday and Monday, as will the operation of the gondolas. The exception will be taxi services for the most urgent things, minister of infrastructure Jernej Vrtovec explained on departure. “Stopping public transport is a necessary measure if we are to effectively curb the infection,” he stressed.


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