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Big mistake lots of us make when eating noodles – and how we should be doing it

Ahead of National Ramen Day, Japanese food expert Bonnie Chung has explained the correct way to eat noodles and she hopes lots more people will start to cook them at home.

There’s nothing better on a Saturday night (or let’s be honest, a Wednesday) than a delicious take-away.

But many of us can end up making a bit of a mess as we try to eat those delicious noodles, and it turns out that’s because we’ve all been eating them wrong. Oops. 

To mark National Ramen Day Japanese food expert Bonnie Chung has explained the correct way to eat them – and highlighted the mistakes lots of us make.

Only seven per cent of Brits will slurp their noodles, and many believe it’s rude so – but it’s actually the correct traditional method.




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