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Drunk Libyan Migrants Fighting and “Slaughtering” Each Other; Everyone Ends Up in Hospital, two of Them get Charges

Three Libyan migrants (born in 1986, 1992 and 2000) initially just got drunk in Bihać on Wednesday, then they got into a fight and ended up “stabbing” each other a little. Finally, all three were rushed to the hospital and police officers filed an indictment against one for causing injuries, while the other is charged with attempted murder.

The Libyan citizens lived in a private house where they initially got drunk and then began physically attacking each other. The townspeople called the police officers for assistance. The police found that two sustained light injuries, while the third suffered serious injuries (stabbed in the stomach).

The investigation found that the oldest Libyan stabbed the youngest migrant with a piece of glass. In the end, the younger migrants were issued indictments for causing light injuries, and an indictment against the oldest for attempted murder, Biscani.net reports.


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