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Why it is important for Trump to win in the coming U.S. elections

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Victory of Donald Trump in the U.S. presidential elections four years ago was a true catastrophe for the establishment. The left was convinced that Hillary would win and that its final goal of establishing complete control over the American social, political and cultural life was fast approaching. Because of that, it went totally mad, when the results of the elections came in. On the other hand, Trump also faced opposition from the neoconservatives. It seemed that his victory represented a breaking point, and even more importantly, it meant that the white working and middle class started voting in accordance with its own interests. At the same time, Trump’s victory showed us that many Americans weren’t fooled anymore by the propaganda machine of the mainstream media, and its campaign of demonizing the republican candidate.

In light of the coming elections, the retired professor of psychology Kevin MacDonald has published an article about why it is important for Trump to win, on the alternative media The Unz Review. MacDonald, who is most known as the author of the book Culture of Critique was also interviewed by our journal Demokracija (Democracy) a few months ago. In the mentioned interview MacDonald was quite critical of Trump. He told us that since Trump entered the oval office “his record is mixed”. He also told us that, in spite of his anti-immigrant rhetoric, Trump approved huge numbers of worker visas for foreigners and has not ended birthright citizenship according to which anyone born in the U.S. is automatically a citizen. He was also critical of Trump, because of his policies in favor of pro-Israel donors.

But despite his criticism toward Trump, MacDonald warns us in his article “Why it is important for Trump to win”, that in case Joe Biden becomes president, the way will be cleared for the left to achieve its final goals. That means it will establish “a more-or-less permanent hegemony«. The left will also wide open the doors for mass migrations, thus ensuring the steady stream of its future voters and the destruction of traditional American culture. MacDonald is convinced that the victory of Democrats will also mark the end of the first and second amendments of the U.S. constitution. In other words, it will gradually abolish the freedom of speech and the right to bear arms. In the future that would mean the persecution and imprisonment of political dissidents, which is happening today in many EU countries. He also claims that in case of victory, the Biden-Harris administration would in time get rid of the Electoral College, thus ensuring the domination of the urban left-leaning states. It would also speed up the transformation of the educational system. Even now the Critical Race Theory, which Trump has outlawed from the education for government workers, is strongly present in the educational institutions. The goal of this class is the enforcement of “white guilt” and the spread of anti-white hatred. In case Biden wins, it will probably become a regular feature in every classroom, financed by the federal money.

MacDonald tells us that after Trump´s victory the left mobilized and that his victory also caused political polarization. The goal of this leftist mobilization is the destruction of traditional culture in the U.S., reaching its high point during the riots that followed the death of George Floyd and in the destruction of monuments that we witnessed in the last few years. In accordance with his already mentioned critical attitude towards Trump, MacDonald doesn’t see him as some sort of savior. But he does believe that Trump´s second victory would be a step in the right direction and a jumping-off point for future candidates that would be openly more pro-white. He also tells us that his second victory would cement the position of the populist wing inside the Republican Party, which has a stricter attitude towards mass migrations.  

Follow the link below to read the whole article of Dr. Kevin MacDonald: HERE.

Link to his interview for Demokracija: HERE.


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