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Von der Leyen fuming, as if she wasn’t a mother of seven

Ursula von der Leyen (Photo: V4 Agency)

By: V4 Agency

“Don’t tell us how to raise Hungarian children”. Hungarian PM Viktor Orban’s words uttered at the V4 summit were quoted by the Russian RIA news agency in an article about recent outbursts in the European Parliament against Hungary’s anti-paedophilia legislation. Budapest has raised its voice and growled at the EU, RIA wrote. Their article recalled that EC President Ursula von der Leyen had described the law banning LGBTQ propaganda among minors as “a shame” and said it went “against the EU’s fundamental values.” Dutch Prime Minister Rutte even suggested that Hungary should leave the EU.

The Hungarian government decided to respond to them and the European public, so it sent a statement to leading European news outlets, leaving it to the discretion of the editors whether or not to publish it, RIA reports.”Of course, practically none of the major and influential papers published the Hungarian government’s statement, or if they did, they attached mocking and demagogic remarks to it,” the agency writes, addig that among the “demagogic” messages were “love conquers all” or “love has no gender”.

“One of the characteristics of the current European media space is that one of the EU member countries is stripped of the opportunity to present its position,” the Russian news agency wrote about the media situation in Europe.

In the radio commentary of Sputnik on the same topic they say that “Orban is a rebel, worse than Giordano Bruno,” he has violated or questioned almost all European “rules.” “He is friendly to Putin, stands up to Brussels and Berlin, rejects migrants and had himself inoculated with Sputnik V,” the Russian radio listed the Hungarian premier’s “sins”. Regarding the Russian vaccine, they also mentioned that Mr Orban was the only one who allowed a full house in the Budapest stadium for the football European Cup. France and Germany were in the same group with Hungary, and we can imagine what Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was in a state of rage against the Hungarian law, thought of Mr Orban when the Hungarian national football team almost stopped the Germans in Munich from advancing into the knockout phase of the European Championships, they recall.

An anti-Hungarian coalition is being built in the European Union, they pointed out. Ursula von der Leyen is raging as if she herself did not have seven children or at least they were all born of men, while Chancellor Angela Merkel forgot in her rage that she is the daughter of a pastor.

PM Orban pushed through the parliament the bill banning LGBTQ propaganda among minors, deciding to let them grow up first and let them decide later who they want to be with. Mr Orban had the right answer to the issue along the lines of traditional values, they concluded.

Talking about the anti-paedophilia law, Mate Kocsis, the group leader of the senior ruling party Fidesz, explained on Hungarian public radio on Sunday that neither the European Committee in Brussels, nor any other European body can prescribe how one should think in Hungary and how Hungarian parents should raise their children. He called it “saddening” that false allegations were made against Hungary and the act. Recalling the government’s position, he said that minors should be protected from age-inappropriate sexual content in the media and on the internet, the Hungarian state news agency (MTI) wrote. Mr Kocsis said it was clear that the Soros networks were active on the issue. While Soros senior is riling European public opinion about migration, his son is doing the same regarding the child protection act.

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