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Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Vienna Terror Attack Memorial Trashed By ‘Turkish Woman’

by A.P.

A memorial to last month’s radical Islamic terrorist attack in the Austrian capital of Vienna was vandalised by a 56-year-old Turkish woman over the weekend.

The memorial, which is located in the first district of Vienna where the terror attack took place, was vandalised by the woman who kicked candles and flowers that had been left by those mourning the four people killed by Islamic State sympathiser Kujtim Fejzullai on November 2nd.

On Monday morning, the 56-year-old was stopped at Vienna’s airport and when speaking to police, admitted that she had been the one who had vandalised the memorial. Police say that the woman is from Turkey and allegedly suffers mental difficulties, Kronen Zeitung

“A statement of facts has been sent to the Vienna Public Prosecutor’s Office for criminal review,” the police said and added that “administrative criminal proceedings were initiated on suspicion of disturbing public order.”

It was initially unclear whether the vandalism had been due to a strong gust of weather over the weekend, but CCTV footage revealed the woman had purposely attacked the memorial.



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