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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

(VIDEO) Country that kills. The power of reason. Episode 2

Source: 1plus1TV

The Russians scorn the security and laws of any country. The case of Skripals in Salisbury is very illustrative – one day in your city an agent of the Kremlin can use the deadly poison and smear it on a door handle of the shop.

In fact at any place any dirty killing methods can be used by the Russian killers. The Russian octopus seems to stretch its tentacles throughout the world. And it is safe to assume that no nation in the world is able to protect itself from the possibility of another ritual murder by the Kremlin on its sovereign territory.

Gregor Razumovsky is a specialist in combating disinformation and propaganda. Has been involved in responsible positions in international political information campaigns for the last 20 years. He is considered one of the foremost communication and information-flow analysts in the German speaking EU countries.


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