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Saturday, June 3, 2023

(VIDEO) Antifa attacks guard room – police flee with full pants


In the course of the Antifa march in Vienna, which takes place every year on May 1st, there were riots again this year. This time, two police guard rooms and the Federal Office for Asylum and Immigration were the focus of the left-wing extremists.
More than 2,000 people are said to have taken part in the “Day of Combat of the Working Class” “loudly, powerfully, in solidarity”, as the “Antifa consultant” of the “Austrian Students’ Union” (ÖH), Simon Neuhold proudly reports on his Facebook page. There one also learns that Neuhold specializes in “anal lick wipes”, “anal sex workshops”, “Communist parties” and “Antifa seminars”.

As is usual with such demonstrations, the violent arm of the left-wing fascists, the “Black Block”, formed the spearhead of the rioters. From their ranks, two police guard rooms, an ÖVP party office and the Federal Office for Asylum and Immigration were attacked with paint bags, bottles, stones, firecrackers and smoke bombs.

Cops with full pants on the run

Anyone who now believes that the police put a stop to the spook, or only tried to stop the rioters and, if necessary, arrest them, is hugely wrong. The reaction of the law enforcement officers was more than pathetic:

With full pants they snuck away, especially scaredy-cats even at a hog gallop (!). If you couldn’t see that on the videos (just below), you wouldn’t believe it.

Such incidents are also worrying for freedom-loving democrats, because at peaceful rallies against the Corona dictatorship, such uniformed cowards like to recharge their batteries, for example when they let off steam in handcuffed grandmas or knock out a grandpa (see our collection of links below).

Not a word about it in the mainstream media

It goes without saying that the mainstream media, bribed with advertisements, did not report anything about the events of May 1st. Only the anti-corona dictatorship demonstrators are violent and dangerous. We are told this all the time, people prefer to keep a cloak of silence about actual violent criminals. You want to report in accordance with the system.

Stare stupid and sneak away:


On the run:


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