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Sunday, May 19, 2024

Venezuela: European Parliament recognises Juan Guaidó as Interim President

At the initiative of the EPP Group, MEPs have recognised Juan Guaidó as interim President of Venezuela and called on EU Governments and Institutions to do the same until new free and transparent elections are called.

“Europe cannot be equidistant when it comes to defending human rights and democracy. Europe is not just a place; it is also an ideal and an aspiration. Everyone in Europe is watching us, and all of Venezuela is watching us. Those who are demonstrating today in the streets of Venezuela are not Europeans, but they fight for the same values for which we fight,” stated EPP Group Vice-Chairman Esteban González Pons.

The European Parliament has also strongly condemned the violence, killings and casualties and expressed its sincere condolences to families and friends that have been affected. The MEPs urged the de facto Venezuelan authorities to halt all human rights violations, and to hold those responsible accountable, ensuring that all fundamental freedoms and human rights are fully respected.

“Let’s make Venezuelan history today by recognising the democratic and legitimate power of Venezuela. From Europe, we can help change the Venezuelan regime and make it known that tyrants will never enlighten any democratic possibility. Nicolás Maduro is a tyrant, so we cannot give him a deadline to call elections,” concluded González Pons.

Sorce: EPP Groupe


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