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UK Royal Air Force accused of endangering national security for the sake of diversity

By A. S.

According to Remix News, sources in the British defence services have reportedly provided information to the British media that the RAF is focusing on recruiting ethnic minorities and women, thus endangering the security of the country.

The head of the recruitment service has also recently resigned in protest that it was “impossible” to achieve the quotas. Concerns have also been raised that this type of recruitment, which is not based on the selection of the most qualified individuals but on race and gender, will affect the effectiveness of the Air Force itself. The current Royal Air Force policy is that a certain number of female and minority recruits should be achieved.
Sources pointing out that General Sir Patrick Sanders recently expressed the view that today’s global security issues are similar to those before the Second World War, while accusing Air Chief Marshal Sir Mike Wigston of prioritising diversity and inclusiveness over security. This at a time when the threat from Russia and China is growing.

One source told Sky News: “The Chief of the Royal Air Force is prepared to ignore the operational requirements of the Air Force for the sake of diversity”. Meanwhile, another source said that there has been a stop to recruiting or offering jobs to white male recruits.
The Royal Air Force denies these allegations and has told the media that there has been no interruption in recruitment and that there has been no such change in recruitment policy. “The Air Force is not running away from the challenges it faces in creating a service that attracts talent from all areas of the UK workforce,” a spokesman said, adding, “Like the Royal Navy and the British Army, we are doing all we can to recruit from under-represented groups and ensure a diverse workforce.”

A Ministry of Defence spokesman said that no one was lowering the standards of the Air Force and that the Air Force was determined that its employees reflect the society they protect.



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