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Twitter: No censorship of Afghan Islamists



Where the deeper reasons for the development of the situation in Afghanistan may lie, is aptly shown by a comparison in the area of freedom of expression (= “freedom” according to the understanding of the left): A Taliban terrorist can have an unlimited active Twitter account (see above), the former US President Donald Trump, on the other hand, his Twitter account has been permanently and completely blocked…
Where Twitter censorship strikes, on the other hand

Twitter blocked an account with more than 22,000 followers yesterday. The reason: An article that proves that aborted fetuses were processed into corona vaccine – and preferably black babies were selected. The underlying racism was strongly condemned. This affects the account of Dr. David Berger, editor of Philosophia Perennis. Our partner in the European Media Cooperation wrote an article that shows that aborted babies were processed for the production of Corona vaccines. Also Our Central Europe brought the article.

The ludicrous justification for the censorship contrary to the Basic Law was justified by Dr. Berger as follows:

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