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Traffic light coalition: Will we still be able to do that – do it?


It seems to always get worse, not only as far as the political “corona arbitrariness” is concerned, but also the new traffic light government, as was to be expected, has some political “tidbits” up its sleeve and thus in the government agreement. But then, hard to believe, they go far beyond the well-known and much strained “we can do it”.

Come to stay

If one goes according to the presented plans of the brand new traffic light coalition in Berlin, one has comprehensive plans in terms of migration law, as (left-wing) was to be expected. It should include significant relief to stay for all immigrants.

In principle, the new migration law makes it easier for all those who come to Germany and who are actually staying here without having a right to asylum to stay forever, CDU General Secretary Ziemiak told the news portal “Welt”.

Of course, harsh criticism was also hailed in this regard by Union parliamentary group vice-president Frei, with the words that “it was very dangerous what the traffic light would have written down”.

No more hurdles to obtaining German citizenship

The hurdles to obtaining citizenship are lowered to such an extent that it is made virtually impossible to return people who do not actually have residence status to their countries of origin, Ziemiak explained.

Special integration programmes are planned by the ‘Ampel’ for tolerated persons, i.e. persons who would be obliged to leave the country. Furthermore, they should receive a one-year residence permit (on probation), provided that they have been living in Germany for five years as of 1 January 2022, had not committed a criminal offence and are committed to the free democratic basic order.

Nothing easier than a quick lip service for remaining in the welfare state paradise (editor’s note).

German passport automatically for children born here

Even if one parent is not a German citizen at all and has not immigrated as a “specialist”, children born here should automatically become German citizens by birth if one parent has had a lawful habitual residence in Germany for five years.”

Such marketing for immigration into the social system will probably not be able to solve the problem of the shortage of skilled workers.

Rather, it is possible that even more pregnant women will make their way to Europe or even be sent on their way by their families in the countries of origin, as the “young men” and “unaccompanied minors” have done before.

Multiple citizenships made possible

Naturalizations should generally take place after five years, in the case of special integration services (discretionary decisions?) even after three years.

The possibility of acquiring a settlement permit is to arise after just three years.

A lifting of the limit on family reunification for beneficiaries of subsidiary protection as well as own social benefits in this area are also envisaged.

Furthermore, it is envisaged to abolish the obligation to disclose one’s own identity in this area.

Ultimately, however, this could lead to the state no longer having an overview of who is staying in this country, including potential threats.

With the exception of the opponents of vaccination, this is to be assumed, since these will be criminally recorded anyway with the vaccination obligation already demanded by Baerbock.

Risky advances in times of increasing migration pressure

In the face of a completely missing European solution with regard to the once again increasing migration numbers, these advances of the “Traffic Light” coalition must at least be described as risky if not negligent.

With regard to clarifying the identity of immigrants, a solution has of course already been envisaged. This should then take the form of an affidavit from the person.

This was not the joke about the day in gloomy Corona times, but rather the “new beginning in migration and integration policy” promised in the coalition paper, of the new rulers.


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