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Those who say there’s no link between immigration and jihadism take people for fools

By: V4 Agency

The case of a police officer murdered brutally last Friday has stirred up tensions across the country. A growing number of politicians and public figures speak out about the incident, agreeing almost unanimously that migration and Islamism, which serves as a breeding ground for terrorism, go hand in hand.

The whole of France was shaken last Friday by the case of Stephanie Monferme, a female police officer knifed to death in the hall of the police station of Rambouillet, a town near Paris. The assailant was 36-year-old Jamel Gorchene, who kept yelling “Allahu Akbar” during his murderous rampage. Commemorations were held nationwide on Monday afternoon, with officers paying tribute to their tragically deceased 49-year-old female colleage with a one-minute silence in front of police stations.

The brutal act, perpetrated yet again by a migrant, has shed a new light on the French government’s overt leniency towards the issue of migration. World-renowned French essayist Eric Zemmour has complained on Twitter that although President Macron had declared after each terrorist attack that the government would not back down, it has practically retreated on every front.

Speaking on the popular Face à l’Info television programme, Zemmour said that since 1995, 271 people have been killed by jihadis who were 99 per cent first- or second-generation immigrants, and he also highlighted that the perpetrators were 100 per cent Muslim. According to Zemmour, when Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire or government spokesman Gabriel Attal assert that jihadism has nothing to do with immigration, they take people for fools, which Zemmour described as outrageous and inconsistent, both politically and ideologically. The population is experiencing the consequences of a wave of immigration unprecedented in the history of France and Europe, he added. In Eric Zemmour’s definition, this form of immigration is unprecedented because it is something very strange, non-European, non-Christian and something France has never experienced in its entire history.  This form of immigration is also peculiar because the state has relinquished the duty of regulating immigration, so now it’s the migrants who decide about issues related to France’s migration policy.

Former MEP and state secretary Philippe de Villiers fully agrees with Zemour’s statements and shares the view that immigration is the hotbed of Islam and Islamism is the hotbed of terrorism. During a show on Rtl, the politician pointed out that immigration to France has reached immense proportions and in order to put it under control, France needs to be re-established in France, as the country is losing its Frenchness and many French citizens no longer feel at home in France.

The fatal stabbing in Rambouillet has triggered some heated and extremely bitter political confrontations.

Yassine Belattar, Emmanuel Macron’s former adviser, announced that he will press charges against politician Jean Messiha, a former member of the National Rally, who accused him of inspiring the terrorist in Rambouillet. The move came after Jean Messiha had shared a post on Twitter, saying Yassine Belattar is amongst those followed on Facebook by Jamel Gorchene, the Tunisian terrorist. Messiha recalled an earlier conversation between Belattar and Eric Zemmour, highlighting a claim by Macron’s former adviser that the killer in Christchurch was inspired by ideas formulated by the essayist. Drawing parallels, Jean Messiha concluded that – following this logic – the terrorist who stabbed the officer to death in Rambouillet was also inspired by Yassine Belattar, because he was a follower of the comedian on Facebook.

Yassine Belattar rejected the comparison and announced that he is determined to file defamation charges against Jean Messiha and anyone else who suggest that there’s a link between him and the murderuous Tunisian migrant.


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