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Monday, January 30, 2023

The West and the Alternative to Disaster

By José Papparelli
Does anyone remember when Donald Trump – to the surprise of many – became President of the United States? Remember when Marine Le Pen ran against Emmanuel Macron in the second round of the French presidency? And Matteo Salvini as Vice President of Italy and Minister of the Interior? At that time, pride in the fatherland, the priority for our people, the restoration of fundamental values and the hope of building a common destiny seemed to move forward unhindered. That wasn’t that long ago, just a few years ago. Today, with the emergence of the pandemic and the new era of the global one-thought regime, all of this seems to be a historic episode from a distant past.

The pre-Covid era has existed, even if it sometimes doesn’t seem like it. It was neither ideal nor wonderful, but at least we have seen political leaders who dared to take a path other than that of standardized progressivism. Like everyone else, they have had their virtues and flaws, their policies have been right on many issues and wrong on others, which is logical and normal. The most important thing about this short period of time, however, was that for the first time the world’s most powerful power and several historic European nations offered a vision, discourse and alternative politics to globalist hegemony and to the secular enemies of the West. This scenario with a real political counterweight no longer exists today.

We live in a fast-paced and changing world where everyday life seems to be dominated by viruses, vaccines, social distancing and hygienic obedience. And all this within the framework of a single model of thought dictated by supranational state and private institutions that are growing together in an unprecedented network of hegemonic control and surveillance power.

In the wake of the global health crisis, the principle of freedom and the concept of democracy have lost their importance and significance in a scenario in which China acts in accordance with the globalist agenda and grows in the face of the decadence and pathos of US policy with the entry of the Taliban caliphate in Afghanistan. The American actor, repeating the Saigon tragedy in the 21st century, seems to be saying goodbye to the stage as the main actor along with the supporting actors and extras from the European Union. Another play will begin soon.

The questions facing viewers of this global tragicomedy are: Is there room for a national and identity-based alternative, and is there still time to regain the path of sovereignty, freedom and dignity of the peoples and cultures of the West in order to confront the globalist International? Perhaps the answer is not definitive, regardless of one’s own intentions and desires. Dissenters and dissenting opinions today come at a high price, which is that they are disapproved of and rejected by political correctness. The defense of life, the family, religious and cultural traditions, the natural order, in short, the identity and sovereignty of peoples, is described by the masters of the unity discourse as right-wing extremist. And that’s the label that throws those who wear it out of the game.

Those who cannot bear the stigma of disqualification and rejection will have no chance against the steamroller of the global one-thought regime. If we lose our fear, raise our voices and start walking the path of common sense, there is certainly an alternative. Today, there are very few examples that can confirm this. In Europe, we can cite Hungary, Poland and the Visegrád Group as examples of courage, dignity and bravery despite the EU’s politically correct cordon sanitaire. The barrier to population exchange and illegal immigration, which are incompatible with their culture, customs and beliefs, and the containment of LGBT ideology in schools are an example that the other European nations should follow, which are also condescending to be so.

Unfortunately, dissent is still fragmented, there are no channels to integrate and strengthen it, but it exists. It is there, silenced by the mass media, but defies censorship of political correctness, health dictatorship and social engineering. The massendissens currently lack the necessary strength to build a real counter-power, but this does not have to be final.

The paradigm shift, the restoration of the lost, and the building of an alternative model to the globalist one will only be possible if there are leaders and politicians capable of interpreting the desires of the majority that rejects progressive tyranny. It is also necessary to forge the will, patriotism, courage and faith of a community based on the everlasting principles of tradition, which are still the pillars of society.

We live in an obvious reality where it’s not just about pandemics, health passports, vaccinations, or adherence to life-saving restrictions. Moreover, and perhaps most importantly, the survival of a centuries-old civilization like the West, which is trying to commit suicide by making it easier for its secular enemies to do their job, is at stake today. Even though we usually don’t notice it at first glance, this civilization and its culture have allowed us to be free and fight for our children and their future. If we do not forget this, we can continue to be proud of our heritage in the future. For this reason alone, it is worth challenging dissent.

This article first appeared on EL CORREO DE ESPAÑA, our partner in EUROPEAN MEDIA COOPERATION.


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