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Tension mounts again after police incident

By: V4 Agency

Barely a year after George Floyd’s death, violent protests have erupted in and around Minneapolis again over the death of a black man.

20-year-old Daunte Wright was shot and wounded during a police action near Brooklyn Center, Minnesota. Police said it was an accident, as the officer mistook her handgun for a Taser.

After being shot, Wright drove off in the vehicle and travelled several blocks before striking another vehicle. He reportedly died at the scene.

The incident sparked protests in the city, which have been raging for almost two days now. The demonstrators are looting shops and drawing anti-police graffitis on buildings.

The violent protesters also damaged and looted a Foot Locker store, even though the chain had endorsed the Black Lives Matter movement, and donated 200 million dollars to the fight against racial inequality and injustice last year, a Twitter user pointed out.

The situation deteriorated to a point where Minnesota Governor Tim Walz had to impose a 7 pm to 6 am curfew in several counties in and around the city. The curfew was announced in order to prevent further violence from protesters over the death of Daunte Wright. Almost immediately, Democratic Representative Ilhan Omar raised objections against the measure.

The Muslim congresswoman highlighted that Ramadan starts on 13 April and the night curfew may interfere with other Muslims trying to participate in activities marking the beginning of the holy month. The request appears to have been heard by the city management, as Muslims were eventually granted an exception.

However, not everyone agrees. Some of the commenters on Ilhan Omar’s social media account complained that it is unfair to allow Muslims to go round rules while others are not allowed to go out and protest.

The fatal shooting of Daunte Wright has also triggered protests outside of Minneapolis. Activists in Seattle wanting to express solidarity took to the streets to demonstrate, but their rally has sprialled into violence and vandalising businesses.

Antifa and BLM social media accounts have urged people to gather in a park and begin their march from there, but the rally has turned into violence and the looting in businesses in Seattle.


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