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Friday, September 22, 2023

Taliban fans hold mock funeral for the US and its allies


Taliban supporters held a “mock funeral” for the United States, its allies and NATO on Tuesday in the southeastern Afghan city of Khost, where coffins were covered with flags.

The coffins were covered with American, British, French and NATO flags, as well as Taliban flags proclaiming victory over these foreign armies. Members of the crowd fired rifles into the air to celebrate the day.

“August 31 is our official Freedom Day. On that day, the American occupying forces and NATO troops fled the country,” a Taliban official said during television coverage of the event.


Al-Qaeda issued a statement on Tuesday praised the Taliban’s conquest of Afghanistan as a “great victory against the Crusader alliance” and a “symbol of resilience and resistance to the invading imperialist powers.”

Al-Qaeda praised Allah for “humiliating and defeating America, the head of unbelief,” and “breaking America’s back.” The terrorist organization declared that Afghanistan would become “an impregnable fortress of Islam” under Taliban rule and called on Muslim extremists in Somalia, Yemen, Kashmir and other regions to follow the Taliban’s lead.

Source: Breitbart News


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