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Succinct opinion from Russia: falsification has become the essence of US politics

By: V4 Agency

Senator of the Russian Federation is vocal about his views on the Biden administration and its policies.

Falsifying and distorting information has become the core of US domestic politics, Russian Senator Alexey Pushkov wrote on Telegram on Friday night. The foreign affairs and media policy politician, often accused of anti-Western sentiment, was reflecting on the incitement of insurrection allegations brought against former US President Donald Trump. Mr Pushkov commented that the meaning of the sitting president’s 6 January speech before the Capitol breach was presented at the impeachment hearing in a distorted and falsified manner, and that everyone, who “does not participate in their games” and “does not want to pretend this is a democracy” is “blocked”.

A few days ago, Mr Pushkov posted on Telegram – where he is quite active -, that the “totalitarian revolution” had flared up in the United States.

His rationale for the statement is based on “the demolition of monuments, hatred of their country’s history, as well as the blocking of the as yet sitting president of the country and his supporters on social media.” The Russian senator also writes about the “witch hunt for domestic terrorists.” In his words, “recent events in the United States are turning the country into a dystopia.”

The politician would welcome a posture from Russia to not respond to every attack from the West – “all the nonsense” as he put it. He believes that if the reacting continues, “we should not be surprised that they [US] try to dictate conditions to us.” He noted that no one in the US cares about Russia’s views on Washington foreign policy, “we, too, should stop being interested in the opinion Americans have of us.” He contends a similar strategy should be applied regarding NATO and EU relations, as well.

The senator made a sharp remark regarding the White House press secretary, Jen Psaki, recently. (Ms Psaki is not unknown to Russian politicians. As the Obama administration’s foreign affairs spokesperson she had produced many a laugh in Russia by exhibiting her level of ignorance, such as when she claimed natural gas was flowing from the West to Moscow via the pipeline, and not vice versa.)

Pushkov recalled that Biden’s press secretary when recently questioned at a press briefing had no idea what Space Force was (a new branch of the US military) and laughed it off. The senator pointed out that Psaki had not undermined the significance of Space Force with her mistake, because she “simply cannot comprehend what she is talking about.” He added ironically, that this is not always the case with Psaki, but “often”.


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