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Spain: Left-wing government adopts “queer sex education” for young children


The “revolutionary government” in Spain has adopted new educational guidelines to influence the development of children at the age of six. In the future, they want children to be taught in their own “educational institutions” at the age of a few in order to “explore sexuality” and – mind you – “construct gender”. These principles have been included in the curriculum for the 2022-2023 school year, reports the daily El Mundo.
The left-wing government of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has adopted a polemical curriculum for children up to the age of six for the 2022-2023 school year, which talks about the “study of sexuality” and the “construction of the sexes” without mentioning the family, reports the daily newspaper “El Mundo”. According to the daily, the program is based on the “queer” theory.

It is the first time that the state regulates the education of children at such an early stage, although the content of the program is intended to be “indicative” for the time being and is not mandatory for the autonomous regions, according to “El Mundo”.

The document, published Tuesday by the journal, claims that the “discovery of sexuality” takes place at the age of up to six and “the construction of gender begins.” “During this time, it is particularly important to accompany the children in their personal development, to respect the affective-sexual diversity and to help them to recognize and eliminate any discrimination”. – underlines the programme. The text contains no reference to the family and hardly mentions the role of parents or guardians in raising children.

According to El Mundo, the program is based on the “queer” theory, according to which gender is socially constructed and modeled, and is not a matter of biology based on being born a boy or girl.

The document emphasizes the special care of children who do not identify with the gender assigned at birth and devalues religion.

The text states: “Interaction with an adult greatly guides and shapes boys and girls, as children tend to imitate and replicate social communication strategies (…) It is therefore necessary to identify and eliminate the mechanisms of implicit discrimination in the school environment”.

“As soon as they give up the doll, it is necessary to support those who allegedly do not identify with the gender assigned at birth,” commented “El Espanol”. (on Tuesday). The daily recalled a lecture on gender identity organized by a school in Madrid, after which a 5-year-old child asked his mother: “Mom, am I a boy or a girl?”

In Poland, Warsaw wanted to go in a similar direction, where Mayor Rafał Trzaskowski adopted the WHO’s education guidelines. These guidelines are based on the sexualization of children at the age of a few years. Since there is no legal basis for such deviations in Polish law, the WHO standards adopted by Trzaskowski have so far had no impact on the work of schools.

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