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Soros organisations seek to erase Trump’s legacy

By: V4 Agency

Former US President Donald Trump appointed more than two hundred federal judges and three Supreme Court justices during his term, but organisations linked to US stock market speculator George Soros have launched a new movement to erase Trump’s legacy.

During his term, former US President Donald Trump appointed a total of 226 federal justices and three Supreme Court judges. Increasing the number of Supreme Court Judges was one of the key themes of last year’s presidential campaign, with many opposing the idea. Even on election day on 3 November, US President Joe Biden  told reporters  that he was “not a fan of court-packing”, but he later added that he was “open” to anything that a panel of “scholars” might recommend to him.

However, organisations linked to US stock market speculator George Soros are bent on a complete reform of the system.

A movement called Unrig the Courts has been launched recently by eight left-leaning organisations. Their document, in which they describe the goals of their initiative states that “To unrig our courts, we need to pass bold, structural reform in these four areas:

  • Supreme Court expansion,
  • Expansion of the lower federal courts,
  • Term limits for Supreme Court justices,
  • Improved ethics and transparency requirements.”

Perhaps the best-known organisations urging reforms is Demand Justice, founded and headed by Brian Fallon, who worked for the US Department of Justice during the Obama administration and was press secretary for Hillary Clinton. Prior to these jobs, he was a top aide for Democrat Chuck Schumer, a good friend of the Soros clan.

Demand Justice is a project of the Sixteen Thirty Fund.

According to the website of the Open Society Foundations, the Sixteen Thirty Fund received 9.6 million dollars from OSF in 2019 alone.

The organisation Take Back the Courts has Black Lives Matter movement co-founder Alicia Garza on its advisory board. Earlier, Ms Garza was described by the other founder of the radical movement as a trained Marxist.

On the advisory board of People’s Parity Project is Sandeep Vaheesan, the legal director of the Open Markets Institute, which has pocketed hundreds of thousands of dollars from OSF. Interestingly, Christopher Kang, chief advisor of the above-mentioned Demand Justice, also appears on the list.

Color of Change is one of the partners of an organisation called 51 for 51, which received more than 1 million dollars from the Soros network in 2019.

Demos Action is one of Tides Advocacy’s projects. The latter occupies a high position on Soros’s list of supported organisations, having received more than 2 million dollars in 2019.

The two directors of the organisation called Indivisible announced in 2017 that they would apply for support at Soros’s foundation. Indivisible got 500 thousand dollars from OSF in 2018 and 1.7 million dollars in 2019. Democracy Pac, Soros’s political action committee, which sought to influence the outcome of the US presidential election, gave Indivisible 500 thousand dollars in funding.

The Just Democracy Coalition consists of 30 organisations and its partners include Indivisible, Demos, Take Back the Courts and Demand Justice.


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