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Son of Soros happy with attorney general’s departure

By: V4 Agency

Alexander Soros, the son of US stock market speculator George Soros, recently shared an article on Twitter about the resignation of US Attorney General William Barr. The Soros network will benefit from Barr’s departure who, during his term, has sharply criticised Soros for exerting pressure on the US judicial system.

US Attorney General William Barr is resigning, President Donald Trump announced on Monday. In a letter shared by the president on Twitter, Barr praises Trump’s achievements at length and announces that he will step down on 23 December.

Mr Trump also wrote that Barr’s duties will be taken over by current Deputy Attorney General Jeff Rosen.

George Soros’s younger son, Alexander, has also tweeted the news of Barr’s departure. The young heir shared an article in Politico and also felt compelled to highlight a sentence from the article, according to which Trump has repeatedly criticised Barr over the last few days.

The Soros clan will greatly benefit from the departure of the attorney general.

In an interview with Fox News last December, Barr spoke of law enforcement agencies and mentioned George Soros, among other things.

“There’s been this recent development that GS has been coming in largely in democratic primaries where there are not going to be much voter turnout, and putting in a lot of money to elect people who are not very supportive of law enforcement and don’t view the office as bringing to trial and prosecuting criminals, but pursuing other social agendas,” Mr Barr said.

He also stressed that Soros’s people started winning in several cities, and opined that they do not provide proper support to the police.

George Soros is mobilising significant resources to convey the main messages of his ideology into the US justice system. As early as 2016, an opinion article entitled “Lets Reduce, Not Reform, Policing in America” was published on the Open Society Foundations’ (OSF) website.

In 2016, Politico reported that the stock market speculator had spent 3 million dollars over the course of one year on the campaigns of 7 local district attorneys in 6 states. They all set goals dear to Soros’s heart, such as reducing racial disparity in sentencing.

Soros kottájából játszanak a rendĹ‘rellenes anarchisták
Anti-police anarchists sing from Soros’s hymn sheet

Anti-police sentiments have reached unprecedented levels in the US following George Floyd’s death….

George Gascon took his oath of office as Los Angeles District Attorney last Monday. George Soros financed Gascon with more than 2.2 million dollars.

Soros új ügyésze migránsbarát lépéseket tesz
Soros’s new district attorney outlines migrant-friendly measures

Another district attorney, backed by US stock market speculator George Soros, took his oath of office on Monday….

Besides preparing to ease measures on illegal immigrants, Gascon is also seeking to reduce penalties for a man accused of killing a police officer. According to news reports, Gascon’s planned changes include making accused cop-killer Rhett Nelson eligible for parole one day.

Nelson is facing a sentence of 40 years to life in prison. If convicted, there is a possibility that – decades from now – the parole board could determine that he has been rehabilitated and could be released, Gascon’s statement says.

Gascon’s statement has sparked an angry reaction from the sister of the murdered officer.

“We are the victims here, my brother is a victim, not this person that shot him! It’s disgusting and he’s disgusting,” she reacted.


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