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Sergio Mattarella: I am old, idiosyncrasy against nationalism

Sergio Mattarella. (Phto: Wikipedia)

President Sergio Mattarella said Friday that since he was old he had “an idiosyncrasy” against the dangers of nationalism.

Speaking in Latvia, the president said “I am getting on in years, I was born during the bombing and perhaps for this reason an innate mistrust, an innate idiosyncrasy towards any danger of nationalism and war have remained with me”.

Mattarella said “we must reflect on this because we run the risk that reproposing within the Union a climate that is not only competitive but is one of opposition, which then becomes conflict, then becomes hostility, may become we know not what”.

Mattarella also said that no movement can undermine EU values.

Mattarella said what “unites the future of Europeans” is “an argument, historically, for the future, so vast when compared to the past, that there is no movement that can call into question this historic value”.

But he added: “However, it must be understood with greater efficacy and greater capacity”.

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