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Security expert: Terrorism threat is lower in Hungary than in Austria, Germany and France due to lower number of Muslim migrants

Islamic terrorist (Photo: rmx.news)

By:Domen Mezeg

The terrorist threat in Hungary remains low, although both Austria and France have recently been shocked by Islamist terrorist attacks. A Hungarian security policy expert is convinced that the reason for this lies in the fact that Hungary has never accepted large numbers of migrants from Muslim countries.

Hungarian security policy expert Georg Spöttle is convinced that the Islamist terrorist threat in Hungary remains low. This is due to the fact that Hungary had not accepted large numbers of Islamic migrants, unlike France or Austria, where bloodshed terrorist attacks have taken place recently. But although the terrorist threat remains low, Hungary is actively helping its neighbouring countries, rmx.news reports.

Thus, immediately after the recent terrorist attack in Vienna, the Hungarian Counter-Terrorism Unit (TEK) provided administrative assistance and cooperated with the police and the army in securing the state border. As Spöttle added, the situation was uncertain. It was assumed that there were several attackers and it was necessary to ensure that terrorists were not abled to escape across the border to Hungary. According to him, the terrorist threat in Hungary is fortunately not as high as in Austria, Germany or France, as Hungary practically does not have any migrants from Islamic countries.

Spöttle emphasized that the terrorist attacks in Vienna, did not increase terrorist threats in Hungary. He also stressed that the ideology of ISIS continues to live on and that ISIS is trying to spread its terror across Europe. The depictions of Muhammad only provided a “reason” to the Islamic terrorists. Although there may be few migrants in Hungary who have arrived in this country legally and are sympathizing with radical Islam, they will not find a hinterland there. Among other things, they cannot expect helpers to provide them with weapons or explosives and hiding places.

It is well known that Hungary, as well as some other Central European countries, reject illegal migrants. Not to mention that migrants mostly hate Hungary because it has successfully prevented them from crossing the borders freely by protecting their state borders.

As early as 2015, Hungary started building wire fences. By doing so, it has reduced the influx of migrants to the country by almost 100 percent – illegal migrants, who in other countries still cross borders illegally and without any control. As the EU was too slow to take action, Hungarian taxpayers paid for their border protection themselves. In doing so, Hungary has protected the whole of Europe and is therefore demanding a refund from the EU, which it will probably never receive. Hungary is also opposing the migrant quotas, and it has already appealed against them. The EU has launched legal proceedings against Hungary, as well as against Poland and the Czech Republic, for refusing to implement measures in line with the EU’s resettlement plan.

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