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Secret papers of the Lithuanian Foreign Ministry leaked: Preparing for war with Belarus?


Retrieved from Algis Klimaitis (Vilnius/Vilnius)
According to Lithuanian press reports, sensitive data from this facility was hacked in a cyber attack on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The ministry merely stated that it did not want to confirm the information about the data loss that had become public.

“We consider it an information attack by unfriendly countries,” is all that representatives of the ministry, which is headed by TS-LKD Chairman Gabriel Landsbergis, were able to announce.

Independent information technology professionals claim that highly sensitive information has been shared.

One person posing for a photo of Azerbaijani President Ilhan Aliyev claimed that the data hacked from the Foreign Ministry contained correspondence between ministers and their deputies, key departments, ambassadors of the G7 and NATO countries, and their representatives.

The person claims that the documents in his possession are marked “Secret”, “Top Secret” and “Cosmic” (these are the top secret NATO documents). The documents included details of secret negotiations between US President Joe Biden and other heads of state, plans for Russia, the Nord Stream2 pipeline and Germany.

They also allegedly included discussions about possible US support against France and Germany and Lithuania’s possible role in this. China and Belarus would also be mentioned, with instructions against China and a war with Belarus.

In total, according to the person’s statement, nearly 1.7 million emails were hacked into 102 files.

Audrius Kalvėnas, a Lithuanian specialist in information technology, comments that once again a scandal has occurred in the Foreign Ministry. This is not surprising, he says, because this institution is not in a position to act with discretion and diplomacy. The Minister is responsible for implementation. A foreign minister who has respect for the state would take responsibility and resign from the institution he runs after stealing secret data. However, according to the commentator, Foreign Minister Landsbergis will weep on his grandfather’s shoulder that he and his entire ministry have once again been “tricked” by the hostile special services of an opposing state and that he is personally not to blame.


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