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Rubén Herrero: “If the 2030 agenda succeeds, Europe and Western civilisation will come to an end”

By Álvaro Peñas

Interview with Rubén Herrero de Castro, PhD in Political Science and Sociology from the Complutense University of Madrid and Professor of International Relations in the Faculty of Political Science at the same university. He is a researcher at the Franklin Institute of the University of Alcalá de Henares and the Research Unit on Security and International Cooperation. Author of several books, including La Realidad Inventada. Perceptions and the Foreign Policy Decision-Making Process (2007) and John F. Kennedy and Vietnam. The Fall of Camelot (2011).

What is the main problem of the public university in Spain?

The public university in Spain has ceased to be a forum for debate. It is currently a transmission belt of cultural Marxism in all its variants. The radical left has nested for decades in European and Spanish universities. In the case of Spain, the traditional centre-right party, the popular party, fleeing cultural confrontation, left the university to its fate. And of course, the left gladly accepted the gift. The narrative of the left devoid of arguments, a real nonsense, has permeated the absence of another story. Currently, in Spain the cultural battle is taking place by a patriotic and transversal movement, VOX. That fight for Spain, it is urgent to transfer it to the field of the university and raise without complexes the flag of patriotism in the academy.

What has been the price to pay for publicly defending your ideas?

In the Autonomous Community of Madrid, where I live and teach, there can be no talk of the harassment and accusation suffered by students and teachers who publicly dissent from the radical leftist and / or independence message, in other communities such as Catalonia, the Basque Country and Galicia. But certainly, throughout the Spanish public university territory, there is a tendency to hinder and eradicate cultural and academic acts contrary to cultural Marxism. We are very few teachers and students who stand up for our patriotic ideals. In my case, I was even the subject of an article, entitled “The Other Professor”, to refer to my condition of absolute solitude in the Faculty of Political Science in which I teach, and I am known because of my patriotic militancy. There are (almost) no associations of a different sign than the leftist and although it is true that there are teachers and students of other ideologies, many of them have chosen to censor themselves. Sad but true.

You have also suffered censorship on social networks.

As you say, Álvaro, I recently delivered the conference “Globalism versus Patriotism. Freedom threatened in times of pandemic” at the Juan de Mariana Institute. I made a fiery academic, philosophical, and political defence of patriotism, and denounced the curtailment of freedoms as a result of the pandemic. It had thousands of visits within a few days and the censors of You Tube decided to attack freedom of expression and censor the conference. They cannot fight us with reason, they merely prohibit. The globalist narrative is a perverse fiction serialized by the media and political parties of the system, as well as by globalist social networks. It does not matter, against their coercion, our reaction.

In addition to your academic activity, you also collaborate with media such as Decision Radio or 7NNN. What do you think of the emergence and evolution of conservative media outlets that are standing up to the progressive trend in the mainstream media?

I have the honor to collaborate with the media you mention. It is something extraordinary that these media emerge and do so with the rigor, clarity of ideas and technical quality that 7NN TV and Decision Radio are doing. Surrounded like the village of Asterix, we not only resist, but we grow gaining day by day greater audience level. It is essential that patriotism had media free of political ties and public subsidies, to bring its voice to society and denounce without complexes the merchants of the temple. It would not be easy but the hard times are welcome.

You are also an expert in international relations, how do you see the current situation and what do you see as the model to follow?

Donald Trump expressed it clearly, the future belongs to the patriots. The model to be followed is illustrated in Europe by Poland and Hungary, as well as by the Visegrad group. Metaphorically we can compare the resurgence of these countries with the return of the strong gods referred to by Professor Reno. We have to fight the globalist model defended by the economic elites and subsidized by communist China. Globalism wants to impose a sordid consumer model, where they tell you what to think and what to consume. Obviously, they want to dilute homelands and families, because that is where the natural frontiers against cultural Marxism reside. And then an international league of free and sovereign homelands must rise to stop the project against the individual and the freedom of the 2030 agenda.

Do you think the European Union has any future if it continues with the current dynamic of feminism, environmentalism and leftism?

The European Union must recover Christian humanism and Christian values ​​that led us to lead civilization. Recover the concept of homeland, value cultural identities, promote a culture of life, defend the traditional model of the family and highlight the individual and his free will. The golden calf that is cultural Marxism and its false ideologies of feminist supremacism, gender ideology, the climate apocalypse, sexual diversity, the gay lobby and animalism that puts animals before human beings must be banished. Sadly today, the merchants of the 2030 agenda flood the temple. If they succeed, Europe and Western civilization are over. But all is not lost, the patriots of Europe who believe in our homelands and in Europe as a common project, must fight for the return of the strong gods, God, homeland, justice, truth, goodness and beauty. We must fight for a society of free individuals, where men and women, different for biology, are worth the same. And to bet on a European society cohesive in its values ​​and traditions, which avoids the current cultural replacement perpetrated by the 2030 agenda and a crazed migration policy of the European Union. We must recover order, morals and good customs. In short, make Europe great again, without fear of anything or anyone.


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