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Romanian Minister: Thefts are part of his country’s “culture”

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The Romanian Defense Minister made people sit up and take notice with an unusual self-assessment of his country’s culture. ZurZeit, our partner in the EUROPEAN MEDIA COOPERATION, reports:

BUCHAREST – The new Romanian Defense Minister Vasile Dincu has done his compatriots a very disservice. Accordingly, the socialist declared that thefts were part of the “Romanian culture”. The occasion was the discovery of a systematic fuel theft at the Mihail Kogalniceanu air base, which according to media reports had been running since 2017.

The damage is now said to add up to two million dollars. As alleged perpetrators, the police recently arrested seven locals. A statement from the police said:

“Under the coordination of the group’s leader, its members stole quantities of diesel fuel from the generators that power certain areas within the American military base, with the damage estimated at two million dollars by the damaged party, the U.S. federal government.”

Because of ignorance of this “culture”, robbers themselves are to blame

Now Dincu explained that the Americans were basically to blame for the fuel theft themselves, because they had facilitated the crime through “negligence” and lack of knowledge of the local “culture”. In addition, the Secretary of Defense indicated that the US should have better guarded its strategically important air base. Dincu pointed out that the Romanian military is well guarding all its facilities – including the decommissioned ones – to prevent them from being emptied by the locals.

Editor’s note: Whether this “cultural” peculiarity applies to all Romanians, or only to a certain ethnic group, is not clear from his remarks.

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