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Romana Tomc: The Rule of Law without double standards

MEPs called on the Romanian government to reverse course in the reform of the judiciary and avoid measures that would weaken the fight against corruption. Plenary held a discussion on Wednesday with European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans, the Austrian Presidency of the Council and the Romanian Prime Minister Viorica Dăncilă on the situation of rule of law in the country. MEPs will vote on a resolution on the matter during the November I plenary session.


The European Commission and other organizations have long been warning about violations of the rule of law in Romania. Above all, they are concerned about the fight against corruption, which under the socialist government is turning into the fight against those who are warning against corruption.

Romana Tomc MEP pointed out: “Romania is another country where the socialist government obviously violates the rule of law. It was clear from the debates of the Members, especially those from the S&D political group, that they have double standards when discussing individual countries. While they were very critical in the debate on Hungary, their tone was more conciliatory this time or they were even quiet. We can conclude that this manner is not a sincere commitment to the rule of law under the same criteria for all.”

During the summer months, the Romanians demonstrated massively against the socialist government, which used force to control the demonstrators: “I think this is unacceptable. And those who are most concerned about freedom of speech are now silent and do not condemn such acts. People protest against a government that is changing legislation to fight against those who are warning about the corruption. The use of force over citizens who want a democratic change is not appropriate,” explains Romana Tomc.

In the last ten years, almost one fifth of its population emigrated from Romania, of which more than two thirds of all young people. “It’s worrying. It is an indicator of the state of mind in the society, which we also face in Slovenia. Part of this is also apathy, which is reflected in the voting abstinence. If same criteria does not apply to everyone, then people will start to believe all the politicians are the same. I am afraid that this is part of a plan that discourages honest and capable people from politics and attracts those who want to take advantage of power. We must fight against that and demand that dishonest and corrupt politicians should be removed from political space. Not through political persecution, but on the basis of justice and fair criteria, which should apply in a country where the rule of law is truly respected. Emigration is the next step from the apathy in voting and a result of loss of hope to find a better future at home”, concluded Romana Tomc.


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