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Restrictions stay in place in Hungary until mid-March

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By:V4 Agency

As the third wave of the coronavirus pandemic has also reached Hungary, the government decided to extend restrictions until 15 March, the prime minister’s office chief announced at his press briefing.

Speaking to journalist at his press briefing, Gergely Gulyas emphasized that the coronavirus pandemic remains the most important problem to be solved in Europe and Hungary. He added that Hungary has managed to prevent a strong flare-up during the second wave thanks to restrictive measures that have been in force in the country since 11 November.

Currently, Hungary is in the final phase of restrictions, the minister said, stressing however, that figures are expected to deteriorate sharply and the next one or two weeks will be especially difficult. Therefore, the government has decided to extend restrictions until 15 March, Gergely Gulyas announced.

A gradual easing of restrictions will only be possible once the vaccination process has accelerated, the minister pointed out, adding that the decision on how to reopen the country will be made by the government after considering Hungarian people’s views and opinions to be received as part of the National Consultation survey.

The situation is not easy and the lifting of restrictions is not yet in sight, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said in a video posted on social media on Wednesday, after holding consultations with epidemiologists.

While it’s good news that more and more vaccines arrive in the country and the number of people inoculated is growing, Hungary is also threatened by a third wave of the pandemic, the premier said.

Hungary began inoculating its poeple using the Chinese Sinopharm vaccine on Wednesday.

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