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Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Protests in Prague over rising electricity and gas prices

By A. S.

On Saturday, the Czech capital Prague saw large protests against the current Czech government, the European Union, and NATO. According to the Euronews portal, 70.000 protesters gathered in the streets of Prague to demand the control of energy prices and to show their opposition to the policies of NATO and the European Union.

Some of the participants demanded from the European Union that the Czech Government should show military neutrality toward Russia and continue importing Russian gas. The participants were said to include members of right-wing groups, including the Freedom and Direct Democracy party, as well as members of left-wing groups.

At the same time, one of the organisers of the protests told the media that they were demanding change and, above all, a solution to the issue of electricity and gas prices, which will destroy the Czech economy in the autumn if no changes are made. The protesters also demanded the resignation of the current conservative Prime Minister, Petr Fiala, and were reportedly critical of his pro-Western policies. Fiala, however, stated that the protesters were acting against the interests of the country.


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