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Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Pro-abortion activists storm church

By: V4 Agency

Protestors have disrupted a mass service for unborn children. They marched into the church with banners, shouting that the government should be funding abortion rather than police.

Pro-abortion protesters disrupted worship at the Catholic St. Joseph Cathedral in downtown Colombus, Ohio. The timing of the incident was premediated as it took place during the annual Respect Life Mass, when worshippers pray for the rights of unborn children.

The pro-abortion activists first appeared on the steps of the church, and then marched into the building, carrying banners. Inside the sanctuary, they began to shout and chant, disrupting the mass and the people in attendance.

“Two, four, six, eight, this church teaches hate,” they chanted, among other things, and shouted profanities. They were also holding signs such as “fund abortion not cops”. The protesters were eventually escorted out by police and diocese officials.


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