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Policeman suffers knife attack in Paris no-go zone

By V4 Agency

A 23-year-old immigrant of Moroccan descent has tried to stab a policeman in the 18th district of Paris. The assailant had a criminal record.

A police officer shot and killed a man in the 18th district of Paris on Sunday, 14 March, at around 11 am. According to our sources, the officer was covering his colleague, who was trying to defuse a family dispute when a man armed with a knife attacked them. Police said when the officer pulled out his baton, the assailant tried to escape. The officer gave chase but the man turned around and charged at him when he was already separated from his colleague and without his baton, which he had lost somewhere. As a consequence, he was forced to pull out his firearm and shoot the assailant.

According to information obtained by Le Point, the attacker’s name is Hossam R. He was born in Morocco and had previously been arrested for the possession of drugs and the use of a stabbing weapon.

According to reports, the officer fired two or three shots at his attacker. Although the alerted ambulance unit reached the scene shortly, the attacker died of his injuries. The officer, in a state of shock, was rushed to the hospital.

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