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Sunday, December 10, 2023

PM Orban: Young people to receive full income tax relief

By: V4 Agency

The HUngarian government is planning to give young people aged under 25 full income tax relief, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told public radio.

In an interview with Hungary’s public radio on Friday morning, PM Viktor Orban talked about the government’s management of the pandemic-induced economic crisis.

He said the government had already begun the reintroduction of the 13th month pensions this year, which had been taken away from Hungarian pensioners by the left. He described the government’s home revonation scheme as the second key aspect of the economic recovery.

The government wants to give young people aged under 25 full income tax-exempt status by 1 January, 2022 at the latest, but it’s something we are still working on, the prime minister said. Besides the pensioners, it’s important that young people also receive support, to help their independence, he added. If this succeeds, our entire crisis management system becomes complete, Viktor Orban said.


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