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Thursday, September 29, 2022

PM Orban: We are in the eleventh hour

By: V4 Agency

What Brussels thinks and is fervently pushing in the way of immigration and LGBTQ propaganda is a reality of everyday life in apathetic Western Europe, but for people here in Central Europe it is grotesque, frightening and repugnant, Hungarian PM and Fidesz Party leader Viktor Orban said at the meeting of the parliamentary group of the ruling Fidesz and KDNP parties in Esztergom, the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet wrote.

The online edition of the daily reported on Wednesday night that the joint parliamentary group of Fidesz and KDNP held its season-opening meeting in Esztergom, and as usual, Prime Minister Viktor Orban gave the assembled MPs directional guidelines for the period ahead.

According to Magyar Nemzet sources, the Fidesz leader is already in “campaign mode”, and “expects the same from everyone.” Mr Orban pointed out that the rival is the same as before, the same opponent they had once defeated in 2010. It is not a new left wing that is preparing to take over the helm, but the return of the Gyurcsany era [Ferenc Gyurcsany former leftist PM of Hungary], the article reads.

“Those who have doubts should take a good look at the capital: while Mr Karacsony is on display in the shop window, Mr Gyurcsany’s people are at the cash desk,” Magyar Nemzet cited the premier referring to Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony and City Hall. The prime minister warned against anyone being deceived, stating it was clear who the leader of the left is and that everything else was just a circus.

The prime minister added, “Never forget that they [Gyurcsany government] took away the bonus month’s salary and month’s pension from the people, they doubled, in fact even tripled the cost of utilities, abolished the home-building financial support and the family tax deduction, and increased taxes.”

Viktor Orban also prepared his representatives for the upcoming battles in Brussels, the article writes. The PM said that what Brussels thinks and is fervently pushing regarding immigration and LGBTQ propaganda is a reality of everyday life in apathetic Western Europe, but for people here in Central Europe, it is grotesque, frightening and repugnant, the paper writes.

We are in the eleventh hour and the situation is perilous, PM Orban said, stating it is dangerous for our children and grandchildren and also for our future. The last minute is upon us, when something can still be done to avoid falling into the trap and we can still protect our children.

According to the Magyar Nemzet, the PM asked everyone to be honest and straightforward with the Hungarian people, and to tell them that all the attacks on Hungary are because it had said no to immigration, and had now also dared to say no to the LGBTQ propaganda.

The premier also touched on the subject of the coronavirus epidemic, stating that “the vaccine works and Hungary works.”

The Fidesz party president also noted that Hungary was the first country in Europe to offer the third booster inoculation, and that the vaccine was the most effective weapon against the virus. He then emphasised that less than one percent of those vaccinated became ill and far fewer required hospitalisation. There are sufficient stores of vaccines for anyone wanting it to receive it within two weeks, the article writes. Unvaccinated individuals bear a considerably higher risk, as the virus is a hundred times more likely to attack the unvaccinated, than those who have already received the jab.


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