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PM Orban: It’s irresponsible to link political interests to economic measures

By: V4 Agency

In crisis management we mustn’t link the political approach to financial measures as this is an irresponsible, bad position on behalf of EU representatives, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban told Hungary’s public radio regarding a veto by Poland and Hungary on the EU’s next budget and post-pandemic recovery package.

“We have considered and weighed everything and will continue to insist on our position taken in the summer,” Viktor Orban said, adding that the votes of Hungary and Poland are essential for the adoption of the EU’s next budget and post-pandemic recovery fund.

The position of the two countries is unwavering, they do not want to compromise, but states in trouble must be given money, the Hungarian premier stressed.

He emphasized that those who insist on linking political interests to economic measures represent a bad and irresponsible position.

George Soros’s network thought that by putting pressure on us, we will give up our resistance and they could buy us with their cash, but it’s something they cannot do when it comes to freedom and independence, the prime minister said. It must be made clear, he underlined, that George Soros cannot have a say in European political issues. As early as four years ago he already wanted to penalise those who would refuse to take in migrants and Brussels has also adopted this principle. They believe that those who do not admit migrants can no longer be considered as states governed by rule of law. We reject this and believe that it was not right that the Germans, for instance, gave in to this pressure, Viktor Orban added.

The premier also said he saw a great perspective in the cooperation of Central European states. We will be able to protect our national sovereignty and we can protect our countries from immigration, he declared. Now it turns out that together we are stronger than individually, but there is a will to drive a wedge into this cooperation, he added.

Viktor Orban also underlined that Hungary, unlike Western European countries, does not wish to become a multicultural society, adding that Hungarians do not see immigration as an opportunity.

“In Brussels, they are putting the cart before the horse when they think that immigration is the solution. Our view is that it is the problem itself,” he said.

Patriots in Western Europe feel the ground is falling out from underneath their feet each and every day. We have no such problems because we have no immigrants and, as long as we’ll continue to have national governments, we will have none.

It is not the issue of coexistence that we need to resolve,but rather how to avoid being forced to live with people we do not want to, he added.

As to the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, the prime minister stressed that there were two battlefields: the hospitals and the schools. In the hospitals we protect lives and in the schools we protect jobs, the prime minister said.

PM Orban  also talked about the fact that the vaccination plan had been developed weeks ago. When the vaccine arrives, there will be 13 thousand locations where it will be administered and, to avoid crowds, people will be able to pre-register. This programme could commence next week, Mr Orban said, adding that it will be possible to register either by traditional mail, and also online.


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