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Pakistani Islamists demonstrate in Athens against blasphemy

Photo: UME


As reported by the Greek City Times , Pakistanis in Athens called on Muslims to gather outside the Indian embassy to protest “blasphemy” against Muhammad, the founder of Islam. The Pakistani account speaks of the Indian government’s so-called anti-Muslim extremism to distract from its own persecution, exclusion and massacres of Muslims in Balochistan.

Large Pakistani community in Greece

Andreas Mountzouroulias, Editor-in-Chief of Directus, said that “A large population has emerged in Greece to engage in blackmail. In short, Greece’s foreign policy is in jeopardy, tending to become hostage to the so-called “Pakistani community”:

“The show of force by a certain group of Pakistanis in central Athens is a signal of danger that we cannot ignore. The Greek government bears the ultimate responsibility for this incredible provocation against India and immediate action must be taken!

Pakistan is currently considered Turkey’s #1 ally! Turkey and Pakistan have launched a joint media (misinformation) strategy to create a narrative that fits the geographic, political and military interests of the Mediterranean and South Asia.

This is clearly a Turkish-Pakistani information alliance as part of the Turkish hybrid war that Ankara has been waging against Greece in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean for at least two years.

Do not forget that Turkey and Pakistan are constantly conducting exercises in the Aegean and eastern Mediterranean. Pakistan and Turkey are converging.”

Islamists demanded “nuclear bomb on Holland”

In the end, around 30 to 40 people took part in the demonstration. The flag of the Pakistani Islamist party Tehreek-e-Labbaik (TLP) was also waved at the rally against “blasphemy” in front of the Indian embassy in Athens. The leader of the TLP, Khadim Hussain Rizvi, has called in the past (also in the course of blasphemy demonstrations) for a nuclear bomb to be dropped on the Netherlands “to wipe it off the map”. 

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