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Orbán: Mass migration is part of a “global plan” to create a “new proletariat”


Last week, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán spoke at the 4th Budapest Demography Conference, which was organized as a forum for family-friendly policies and other measures to reverse population decline without mass immigration.

In his keynote speech, he raised the question:

“Is it a problem when the population is shrinking?”

“The West simply does not want to preserve itself. To anticipate it right away: some civilizations are able to reproduce; however, Western civilization is obviously unable to reproduce.”

“Some [the billionaires of the deep state and the Davos Forum] believe that this is not a problem, arguing that by increasing productivity and developing technology, fewer people will be able to produce more goods, especially more public goods. Mechanized manufacturing, artificial intelligence, automated economy: human labor no longer plays a role. This is Silicon Valley’s technocratic solution,” Orbán said.

“There are others who feel the problem of demographic decline and therefore want migration. They believe that foreign peoples from distant lands should be resettled to stop the demographic decline. But the mass migration, the millions of people who have moved here, are basically a global plan for the formation of a new proletariat,” Orbán said, adding that the proponents of this worldview “do not take into account the cultural aspect of democracy.”

Migration, Orbán said, “is a question of identity,” and “a country is only viable if its citizens share largely the same values, otherwise the nation, the country, collapses.”

Hungary’s plan to reverse demographic decline by rejecting mass migration in order to preserve its cultural identity and social cohesion, according to Orbán, is based on the basic principle that “the state must protect the family and remove all obstacles that prevent the creation of families,” which are building blocks of society.

As a result of this policy, Orbán said, “we have almost doubled the number of marriages” and have seen a “41% decrease in abortions” since 2010.

“I have to tell you honestly, we have to defend ourselves. Hungary defends itself against the attacks of the Western left; they are attacking the traditional family model,” he warned.

Not only have these attacks taken the form of a direct critique of economic policies aimed at enabling couples to start a family and save the country as a whole from a time bomb — a policy often portrayed quite naively as a backward-looking plan to turn women into “baby machines” — but are also part of a broader cultural endeavor to “to relativize the concept of the family”.

The preferred “tool” for this, Orbán said, is “LGBTQ and the gender lobby.”

The Hungarian leader has been fiercely attacked by the European Commission for recently passing a law designed to address this issue by making the promotion of LGBTQ content on issues such as gender reassignment for minors illegal in schools and the media, but he believes the Hungarian position is not so far removed from that of the Western European public.

“At this fourth demographic conference in Budapest,” analyzed Italian journalist Cesare Sacchetti, who is called the “king of conspiracies” by the Italian radical left, “Viktor Orbán very clearly described the true purpose of mass immigration. Immigration from Afro-Asian countries is not a spontaneous phenomenon. It is a phenomenon that is staged and controlled by funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and by the institutions that best represent the globalist concept, such as .B the United Nations. The idea is to create a mass of people without any identity. Orbán also spoke in this context of the creation of a “new property”. This is the original concept of Count Richard Coudenhove-Kalergi, the Austrian nobleman who was already funded by the Rothschilds and Warburgs in the 1920s to write programmatic writings. Kalergi hoped for the construction of a United States of Europe, which would not be populated by the traditional European ethnic groups, but by a mixed ethnic group of Africans, Asians and Europeans.

“This is the proletariat without identity and culture of which Orbán speaks. It is a plan for the scientific destruction of old Europe and the Western world, which, through secularization and de-Christianization, has accelerated and promoted this process of ethnic and cultural disintegration. Liberal Marxist ideology has pulverized the idea of the natural family, the pillar on which all of Europe has always rested. As soon as the foundations were removed, the path of self-destruction of Europe began. The evil of the West is just that. They do not have children because the family has been undermined by cultural and economic aggression, which has deprived the peoples of Europe of the means to care for children. To heal, the West has only one thing to do. Eliminate the false values imposed by feminism and Marxism. To heal, the West must return to what it has always been for over two thousand years.”

Source: MPI


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