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Naples: Memorial plaque for the Foibe victims smeared

Photo: VoxNews


In the Capodimonte Park in Naples, the plaque commemorating the Foibe martyrs and the Istrian, Julian and Dalmatian exiles was vulgarly smeared with the name of the communist dictator Tito and a communist star.
“It is with indignation that we register the umpteenth affront to the memory of one of the most painful pages of our national history, in which thousands of Italians lost their lives.”

This is the comment of the national chairman of the “10 February” committee, Emanuele Merlino.

“We are deeply saddened to see this escalation of hatred against the monuments commemorating the Foibe massacres throughout Italy, a drama that is still an open wound in our national history,” Merlino continued, “The cowards who acted in Naples will not stop us from carrying out our action to protect Italian culture on the eastern Adriatic. On the contrary, we will expand our training and discussion events with associations, schools and institutions throughout Italy.”

“The truth cannot be ignored,” Merlino concludes. “Our committee will work with our Neapolitan members to clean the plaque and restore decency in Capodimonte Park.”

Source: VoxNews

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