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Many Belgians consume disinfectants during pandemic

By: V4 Agency

Shocking new statistics released by the Belgian Anti-Poison Centre reveal that they received a record number of calls during the pandemic. It also turned out that keeping disinfectants has backfired in several households.

“People bought large quantities of highly concentrated cleaning products. Many poured them out into smaller containers, such as water or soft drink bottles, which many took a sip from,” Dominique Vandijk, the head of the Belgian Anti-Poison Centre said.

He pointed out that during the Covid-19 epidemic in 2020, the centre received a record number of 65,322 calls, with around 86 percent of the callers reporting soem type of exposure to a suspected dangerous substance.

Mr Vandijk also underlined that people had been cleaning a lot more in 2020, and that the centre had received more calls regarding cases involving contact with the eye. He added that the centre had also received a lot of calls regarding the use of hand sanitisers, which is understandable, since these types of products were not used much before the epidemic.



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