Leftist mayor throws his weight behind anti-Semitic candidate

Budapest; shutterstock

A Hungarian constituency is holding by-elections on 11 October and one of the candidates is a politician who has become known for his radical, far-right statements. Nevertheless, Budapest’s leftist mayor, Gergely Karacsony, will visit the region on Saturday in support of the candidate who had previously described the Hungarian capital as Jewdapest.


Politician Laszlo Biro, whose career has been marred by a number of scandals, is known for having decribed Budapest as Jewdapest and having called Jewish people “earlocked Yiddos” on social media. According to an article published by the Hungarian daily Magyar Nemzet, MrBiro referred to the fact that Polish, Russian and Israeli Hasidic Jews are regular visiting guests and religious tourists in the hotels of Szerencs, a town in northeastern Hungary, as well as the surrounding area. In another post, the politician opined that the National Socialist government has brought order and economic, as well as political stability to Germany.

In addition, it turned out that Mr Biro had previously approached Attila Lakatos, the region’s gypsy chief, and proposed to give the Roma people pigs in exchange for their votes. The Mr Lakatos said that when the candidate’s intentions became apparent to him, he immediately turned him down.

Nevertheless, left-wing parties have persevered and continued to stand behind Mr Biro, defying the call of several left-wing intellectuals to withdraw their support. According to fresh news reports, Budapest Mayor Gergely Karacsony is visiting the region on Saturday to throw his weight behind Mr Biro, even though it’s his city that the politician had earlier described as “Jewdapest.”