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Japan Embassy Warns Citizens of Paris Acid Attacks

(Photo by Wikidata)

by A.P.

The Japanese embassy in Paris has warned its nationals to be on alert after a Japanese citizen was attacked with acid earlier this month.

The Japanese consular service put out the notice through an email which stated that on February 10th, three people accosted a group of Japanese nationals in Paris’s 17th district. The assailants assaulted the Japanese citizens, with one of the attackers throwing a corrosive substance at one victim, who managed to cover his face, receiving only minor injury to his hands.

French newspaper Le Figaro obtained the email, reporting that the Japnese embassy also referred to the acid attack on their website, stating that a doctor had ascertained that the chemical was likely hydrochloric acid.

A Japanese consular representative told the newspaper the email was sent to keep Japanese nationals on alert for potential violence


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