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“It’s an invasion”: Over 700,000 Afro-Islamic men landed in Italy since 2013


An analysis of landings in Italy and the number of asylum applications from 2013 to 2020 based on data published by Viminale shows that almost 800,000 illegal immigrants landed during this period. Of these, 719,209 fell under the responsibility of the PD governments (socialist Partito Democratico).

Vox News had already provided a definitive overview of the number of illegal immigrants “embarked” by the PD in the six years of its government, starting with the coup that ended the penultimate elected government in 2011 and put an end to the illegals’ rejections. Six years, including the last three years as a one-party government.

Mass migration came with the Socialists

Young girls are raped and chopped to pieces. Cities in the hands of the Nigerian mafia and criminals of all origins. You can thank the police for that. The only party in Italy that should be banned.

It is said that the escalation of landings in Italy began with the overthrow of Gaddafi and the associated balkanization of Libya. This is not true: the upswing began with the PD’s participation in government.

In 2011, Gaddafi fell and the number of landings increased, as was inevitable. But already in 2012, the numbers were more “human”. When the Democratic Party came to power, the biblical exodus of Africans to Italy began:

Risultati immagini per sbarchi grafico

And the main reason for this is that the left-wing governments suddenly gave the NGO fleets a free hand. In this way, a transfer system from North Africa to Italy and on to Northern Europe was established. Illegals have already been picked up on Libyan beaches:

The result was inevitable: lower costs for the smugglers, more illegal immigrants for Italy. Other Nigerian mafiosi are dealing on the Italian streets.

In total, the PD smuggled 677,873 illegal immigrants to Italy from 2013 to the last day of its term. Most of them were Nigerians, Pakistanis and Bengalis. Practically no Syrians.

Given that the last legislative period lasted 1,834 days, this means that 370 illegal immigrants entered the country on each day of the PD government.

By comparison, during Matteo Salvini’s tenure, the average was less than 22 illegal immigrants per day.

And after this brief interruption, the PD has managed to bring another 50,000 illegals into the country in less than a year and a half.

That makes 719,209 illegal immigrants in 6 years and 10 months of government. A world record that is updated day by day.

Of course, these figures do not include “ghost landings”. An average would likely bring the total number of landings to nearly 800,000. However, we only use official data.

Well, among the interesting things that can be deduced from the official data, there is one that completely belies the vulgate of the mass distraction media: 85% of those who end up in Italy are male. Ninety percent are of legal age, and then there are 10 percent of presumed minors, almost all of whom are between the ages of 16 and 17.

We are talking about almost 600,000 young Afro-Islamic men who have disembarked in Italy and thus in Europe in recent years.

About 100,000 of them are Nigerians. 60,000 Pakistanis followed. Then hundreds of thousands of other Africans and Muslims. Only 3,000 Syrians in six years. Virtually no Yemenis (the only war zone) and a few dozen suspected Libyans.

In addition, there are the landings of last year. We are talking about more than 70,000 illegal immigrants who have arrived in Italy since January 30, 2021. All Afro-Islamic. Almost only men. Including the recent landings in Lampedusa and Augusta. Again, at the behest of the Democratic Party, which, as soon as it returns to government, will be the first to open the ports: future voters and customers to the party’s cooperatives. The bill for this was recently presented to young women on New Year’s Eve in Milan, who were sexually harassed and raped there en masse.

Source: VoxNews


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