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Italy: Inter-regional travel ban to stay

By: V4 Agency

According to the original plans, Italy was supposed to lift its inter-regional travel restrictions by the end of February 2021, but Mario Draghi, the man in charge of forming a new government, is against the relaxation of travel rules, just like many virologists.

Extending the travel ban until 5 March is a priority at this stage, Mario Draghi said, adding that the extraordinary legal order is expected to remain in force until 30 April. Italy’s inter-regional travel ban must remain in place to curb the spread of the disease, virologist Fabrizio Preglascio stressed.

The government is also examining the possibility of introducing a white zone after 5 March, provided the epidemic situation does not deteriorate. In white-zone areas, theatres and cinemas will be allowed to reopen.

Regarding the reopening of ski slopes, Mr Draghi said that ski resorts must accept that for the time being, they can only receive tourists from within a given region and health rules must be respected.


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