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In Serbia, two Chinese men attacked passengers in Belgrade public transport with a hammer

By A.S.

Especially in the years after the migrant crisis, which began in 2015, Serbia is facing the issue of mass migration, which also includes various incidents with newcomers. On Saturday, August 14th, a more unusual incident occurred in Belgrade, when two Chinese people started hitting passengers in the city’s public transport with a hammer for no reason.

They first boarded one of the city buses, where they attacked two elderly women with a hammer for no reason. One of the perpetrators first hit the passenger in the back of the head with a hammer, and her fellow passenger received blows to her arms and legs while trying to defend herself. Both women needed medical attention after the attack.

The Chinese citizens then left the first bus, ran across the road, and boarded the second city bus on line 37, where they attacked an even younger woman with a hammer, hitting her on the head and body. Their victim described the incident to the Serbian media: “I saw two seemingly good-natured and smiling Chinese get on the bus. I was sitting in the back of the bus and writing a message on my phone when all of a sudden I felt a strong blow to the head. When I looked up, I saw the face of an angry Chinese man hitting me while I was trying to defend myself with my hands,” said the attacked 31-year-old.

It was only when she started screaming that the other passengers noticed what was happening in the back of the bus, after which one of the passengers managed to snatch the hammer from the hands of the Chinese attackers. The Chinese then escaped from the bus at the first stop, and their victim was taken to the emergency room.

Later, all three victims described the attackers in detail to the police. They are already in custody and are charged with violence.


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