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Hungarian government will prevent Hungary from becoming an immigrant country

By: V4 Agency

As long as there is a national government in Hungary, it will enforce the will of the Hungarian people and prevent Hungary from becoming an immigrant country, the Hungarian Secretary of State for Public Diplomacy and Relations Zoltan Kovacs said on Tuesday after the ruling of the European Court of Justice.

At the initiative of the European Commission, the European Court of Justice today ruled that the Stop Soros Act, which was adopted in 2018 and criminalized the organisation and financing of illegal migration, as well as the constitutional amendment passed at the same time banning the mass resettlement of migrants, violates EU law, Zoltan Kovacs explained in his post.

The law was adopted by parliament three years ago at the initiative of the government, and its objective has been repeatedly supported by the Hungarian people, who, during national consultations, have expressed their expectation of the government to protect Hungary from migration, the state secretary wrote, emphasizing that the law has stood in the way of those supporting migration from the outset. Following its adoption, the pro-immigration Left launched an all-out attack on Hungary, and under pressure from the Soros Open Society Foundations, the European Commission launched infringement proceedings against Hungary.

Since the government refused to abandon the law, Brussels took the Stop Soros Act to court, Zoltan Kovacs added.

The government representative underlined: “Whereas Hungary acknowledges the judgment of the Court of Justice of the European Union on the Stop Soros Act – as it has been the case with its previous judgments – we reserve the right to take action against the activities of foreign-funded NGOs, including those funded by George Soros, seeking to gain political influence and interference or even to promote migration.”

Hungary’s position on migration remains unchanged: Help should be taken where the problem is, instead of bringing the problem here, he emphasized.

In other words, migration to Europe must be stopped and Europe’s future must be based on families, the state secretary said.

Zoltan Kovacs pointed out that Hungary and the Hungarian Stop Soros Act continue to stand in the way of pro-immigration plans, adding that Brussels still wants Hungary to give free passage to migrants and the Soros organizations managing migration.


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