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Study: islamists responsible for 91 per cent of terror deaths of Europeans since 2000

A recently released study found that Islamists were responsible for 91 per cent of all terror-related deaths of European citizens since 2000.

The study, called the Black and White Book of Terrorism in Europe, is a project spearheaded by Spanish MEP and president of the Foundation for Victims of Terrorism, Maité Pagazaurtundua.

According to the data gathered, which was reported on by left-leaning French newspaper Le Figaro, 753 people were killed in terror attacks across Europe from 2000 to 2018.

The figures also include a further 1115 European victims who were killed abroad by jihadists.

91 per cent of these victims were killed by Muslim extremists, with just 14 victims being killed by right-wing extremists and 13 by left-wing extremists, as well as one killed by an animal rights extremist.




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