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Romanian police chief is fired over claims force is protecting a serial killer after thousands take to streets saying ‘corrupt’ cops turned a blind eye to emergency phone calls pleading for help from ‘murdered’ 15-year-old girl

Are Romanian Police ignoring Serial Killer?

Romania’s chief of police has been fired over the abduction of a Romanian schoolgirl who is feared dead sparked furious protests after officers took 19 hours to respond to her cry for help.

Alexandra Macesanu, 15, rang European emergency number 112 to say she had been snatched by a man while hitchhiking to her home village from the nearby southern town of Caracal.

After authorities finally located the premises where the girl had been dragged to, they found what appeared to be human remains and traces of her jewellery.

The painfully slow response time has whipped up locals into disgust and yesterday saw 2,000 Romanians demonstrate on the streets of Bucharest.





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