Claim: PM Johnson Will Attempt to Call Brexit General Election This Week

(Photo by Instagram)

The British government will attempt to effectively dissolve itself for the third time later this week according to reports, as the unprecedented stalemate and ceaseless campaign to prevent Brexit within Westminster continues.

While attempting to deliver the decision of the 2016 Brexit referendum, in which the British people gave the largest democratic mandate in the nation’s history in favour of leaving the European Union, the new Boris Johnson government has discovered it is unable to do so as Britain’s parliament is overwhelmingly in favour of the EU.

Repeated defeats in the house and outside it, and laws passed compelling the Prime Minister to rule out no-deal Brexit have raised the spectre of a shadow government ruling the United Kingdom without actually taking official office. 

In an effort to redress this imbalance which sees a coalition of opposition parties able to defeat the government in every vote, the Prime Minister has already attempted to call a general election twice, both of which have been rejected by the opposition.

According to government sources speaking to British newspaper the Daily Telegraph in the wake of the government’s defeat at the Supreme Court, Mr Johnson will put an election forward to a Parliamentary vote for a third time, probably Thursday this week.