Swedish Police Shoot Bomb Threat Man at Malmo Railway Station

(Photo by Instagram)

A man was shot by Swedish police Monday morning, and his bags destroyed by the bomb squad after an incident at Malmo Central railway station.

Witnesses cited by Swedish media report a male who was acting “crazy” around 10:00 Monday morning shouted that he had a bomb as he repeatedly slammed his sports bag on the ground.

Malmo region newspaper Sydsvenskan reports a police spokesman who said officers were “forced” to shoot the suspect, who is now being interrogated by officers in hospital.

The Swedish bomb disposal team responded to the incident and blew up at least one bag and investigated a number of others.

There are now major public transport delays in Malmo and the south of Sweden, Afton Bladet reports as all trains through Malmo Central — a major interchange and transport hub which links Sweden to Western Europe — remains closed as investigations continue.