African Illegal Migrant With 13 Identities on Trial for Murdering French Couple

(Photo by Instagram)

A 38-year-old illegal African migrant, who was set to be deported and has operated under 13 different identities, is facing trial for the murder of a French couple that occurred in December 2015.

The couple, whose first names were Elise and Julian, were found dead in an apartment in Rouen only a few days before Christmas.

Jean Claude Nsengumukiza, 38, was later arrested in connection with the murder and the rape of 24-year-old Elise, France Bleu reports

Startlingly, the 38-year-old who has claimed to be originally from Rwanda, but has also said he was from Uganda, was released from prison only a month before the rape and murder and was set for a deportation that never took place.

Coming to France in 2002, Mr Nsengumukiza claimed that he had experienced trauma during the Rwandan genocide in the 1990s and had watched the mass murder of innocent people.