Eurocrat Juncker Calls Cameron ‘One of the Greatest Destroyers of All Time’

(Photo by Instagram)

Jean-Claude Juncker has said that  Remain-backing former Tory Prime Minister David Cameron was “one of the greatest destroyers of all time” for stopping the European Commission from being involved in the UK’s 2016 referendum Remain campaign.

The president of the European Union’s unelected executive arm told the regional parliament of Saarland, Germany, on Monday in comments reported by The Telegraph,

“We were forbidden from being present in any way in the referendum campaign by Mr. Cameron, who is one of the great destroyers of modern times. 

“Because he said the Commission is even less popular in the UK than it is in other EU member states.”

“If we had been able to take part in this campaign, we could have asked — and also answered — many questions that are only being asked now,” he added in assertions that the democratic decision of British citizens required the input of Brussels.