Tourists among the three killed in a gang shooting in southern France

(Photo by Instagram)

Two tourists were among those shot in a popular coastal town in southern France on Sunday evening, one of them fatally, as gunmen exchanged fire in a shootout which is believed to have been drug-related.

According to the local newspaper Var-Matin, the shooting occurred late Sunday night close to a petrol station in the small town of Ollioules, Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur.

Several individuals were shot as they were caught in the crossfire between local criminals.  Three people were killed.

Among the dead was a 57-year-old French female tourist who was enjoying a holiday with her husband in the sunny coastal town. Her husband, who was also caught in the crossfire, was wounded but ended up surviving. 

Police sources say that the other individuals killed or injured were two males – aged 29 and 30 – who were known to local authorities for their previous criminal behavior and involvement in the drug trade.